Engineering with passion for our customers

For Automotive

From the cast part to the load carrier, we support our customers with innovative ideas so that they remain competitive. Our goal – cost efficiency – our promise – quality

For Machine Tool Companies

Lighter, faster, better, cheaper. We support mechanical engineering companies in the development of series solutions from light metal casting.

For Productdesign

In order to keep development time and costs for new products as short as possible and to keep unit prices competitive, we as the specialist for cast products are just the thing. We support you with the manufacturing-oriented design and the identification of suitable suppliers.

For Toolmakers

Innovative products require innovative tools and devices. We can assist you.

Diversity for the reduction of interfaces


Construction and Development

With our long experience in development and design, you can support the design of complex components up to complex assemblies. Our core competence lies in components that are manufactured using the casting process.


Casting Simulation

Predict casting processes:

  • whether based on a component
  • or the behavior of the tool in the cycle.

In addition to the necessary software, we also have the expertise to advise you on optimizations.


Full Service Project Development

Thanks to our many years of project experience, we can also support you in the implementation of development and industrialization projects. Thanks to our engineering knowledge, planning and controlling are in expert hands.

Examples of engineering solutions that are flexibly tailored for development, toolmaking, production and foundry

deValu Engineering as a partner for foundry and production

Thanks to our experience in the industrialization of cast products and the network of suppliers for tools and the automation of production, you have the opportunity to have projects competently developed by us. So you can increase the profitability of your company because you react dynamically to the market.

deValu Engineering as partner for deburring and casting tool makers

As a flexible partner, we are essential in tool making. From the revision of component models to the finished casting tool. We stood for close cooperation without interfaces. Our competencies range from the casting design, through the tool layout planning to the implementation of the design. Each project can also be fully supported until acceptance. As a tool maker, you can therefore react dynamically to fluctuations in the market.

deValu Engineering as a development partner

Thanks to specialist know-how, we are able to develop aluminum components cheaply to meet your requirements. In addition to the reduced change loops, you also have a higher level of maturity and the certainty that it can be manufactured. Because we concentrate on the manufacturing processes in aluminum, a good network of production and prototype partners complements our added value. In summary, you can say that you have more time and money for the important topics in your projects.

Turnkey solutions from deValu Engineering

Accompanying complete projects is the supreme discipline. We integrate project-specifically into your organization and look after your projects in close coordination. We accompany every project start, from the evaluation of specifications to the creation of specifications. The support or takeover of construction solutions is just as important to us as the controlling of dates and costs up to the start of series production.