Discover casting simulation for your goal the quality, now

Quality for component designs -
casting simulation as a remedy

Risk assessment and error avoidance is already possible in the component design using simulation. Supplement your FMEA with simulation evaluations in order to define measures at an early stage. The results complement every FEM simulation, since the anisotropy of the component is evident. We support you with specific optimizations.


Process simulation - safety before the first casting

Designing casting systems and cooling concepts with certainty is possible with our casting simulation. Reduce the risk of poor shape concepts. Commissioning can be carried out faster because we can define defined process windows by means of parameter variation in the simulation.

Pouring simulation to discover the limits for components manufactured using die casting and gravity casting

Influence the component according to your needs and do not let the component determine your limits. Using cast simulation, you can better interpret FEM results by knowing the critical areas beforehand.

These include reduced strength due to longer solidification times or pore formation due to material accumulation. Gas inclusions, which have an influence on the strength and arise due to turbulent flows within the component, can also be determined in advance.

Use our extensive development service today so that you don’t have to worry about this complex topic.

Improve processes in die casting and gravity casting

Design the casting system with us ideally. Reduce air pockets that occur in the casting run. Check in advance how long your gate will allow the component to be refilled. The temperature distribution within the tool can also be determined preventively. This means that cooling channels can be ideally positioned in the tool or the spray program can be coordinated for short cycle times.In addition, the effectiveness of squeeze pins can be simulated in the die-casting simulation and thus the blow hole prediction can be improved. In this way, you can assess whether a reservoir must be squeezed directly or indirectly.In addition to optimizing the casting process, we are also happy to analyze your entire value chain or support you in the development of complete projects

Die casting and gravity casting tools ideally designed

Whether squeeze pins or cooling channels. The right tool concept is the most important thing for good component quality. Avoid rework costs that arise from transport, reworking and set-up processes by getting the best quality with the first tool. Cycles simulation enables the temperature distribution in the tool to be predicted and the process to be adjusted accordingly.

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