Make your self competetive and get your first German resident engineer​

Imagine your status quo

Only a view topics to clarify with your customer but...
Traveling expenses
productive work
2 hours traveling to the airport, 3 hours flight, 1 hour traveling to customer, 2 hours meeting and the same for return journey ... 14 hours later your are done
satisfied customer
because of the poor response time
conclusion after meeting
Not your fault 100%
At the end it wasn't your fault, but the customer has a negative image of working with your company. On addition you spent a lot of money and time for this result.
devalu-germany-map German resident engineer

Your benefits with a German resident engineer

Increase trust

Make your customer feel important

Save Money

Don’t waste your time traveling for hours. We all know time is money

Improve sustainability

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Our Promise
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Quick Response Time
Our Goal
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Your Interests
Your Benefit
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What distinguishes us from others?

As an engineering partner for foundries and toolmakers, we know exactly how things work. Because we are a provider of turnkey solutions, we know what is required from project acquisition to problems in series production. We know which problems can arise in the process and much more importantly, which can never have arisen in the process. This is not the only reason why we can develop quick solutions for customers. This increases your response time a lot and reduces unnecessary work for you.

A swiss army knife for all cases